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Blue and White surprising cupcakes


We made blue sugar the other day.  For decorating purposes.  But I decided I needed to use it up and cook with it.  So I threw the sugar into some mini cupcakes that I was making for my girlie to take to school…to celebrate Guatemala’s birthday and her birthday.  So blue sounded good to me.  For some reason this all seemed like a good idea….the stuff to follow that is, the mini blue cupcakes topped with marshmellows (but it was after midnight so that might explain it).  I saw on pinterest the idea for sticking marshmallows on top of cupcakes, bake them 5 min. more and then you don’t have to frost them.  Ok, here goes:

ooooOk, so they looked a little funny…the edges were a bit brown, because i didn’t have any mini muffin papers…oh well, I think my girlie was pleased with them.

For our celebration here at home we had these lovely huge cupcakes:  vanilla with a bit of Tang cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a cute surprise in the middle!  I found out how to do this trick on this fun blog: bake it in a cake.com fun and so cute and doable!!  And that’s what we ate for dessert.  Have a sweet day.

Manualidades para el 15 de Septiembre: Paper Crafts


I can’t seem to stop myself from making paper crafts.  And so I made something for our Guatemalan Independence Day celebrations.  Out of paper, of course.  (As I’ve been working on this post I’ve been cutting out paper sea horses.  Sounds weird, I know, but later I’ll post about those babies.)  So without further blabbiness, I’ll show you the photos of some simple crafts to make from paper to decorate with.  (Lo siento que no estoy escribiendo en español, pero es que estoy muy cansada, y todavia es más fácil el ingles, perdonenme!)

I’m all into banners.  So I made one for this special day.  Please feel free to download the printable pattern for this banner and use it to decorate at your house!  The download is HERE.  Included in the zipped file are 4 sheets of patterned paper that the pennants are made from.  I had hoped to get some origami boxes and things made…anyways, you could cut out other things or do some Independence Day origami.  And here are the photos.  Easy to do: print out papers, cut on grey lines, punch holes in corners, string up, decorate! ;)And another paper craft:

A paper flower centerpiece!  I used my assortment of paper punches, but you can really do anything, like just cut a few circles from paper and then glue them to skewers.  The main thing is that they are blue and white for this holiday!  (we made red and white for valentines and Canada Day!)Glue circles on the back and front of the bamboo skewer.The leaves are punched out with paper punches, too.

The jar is filled with “colored sand”, well really it was colored sugar that the kids and I colored.  I didn’t have sand or salt, so sugar it was!

Paint Chip Art: the Guatemalan flag. Cuadro de la Bandera de Guatemala

Paint Chip Art: the Guatemalan flag. Cuadro de la Bandera de Guatemala

Guatemalans love their beautiful flag, and I just happened upon a cute idea for making some easy, economic wall art to decorate for Guatemalan Independence Day…..it’s called paint chip art!  Last night we made a run to the hardware store to pick up some paint chips.  I had printed out a swatch of blues that are the closest to the official Guatemalan flag that I could find, so I was trying to find paint chips that would be kind of close.  I found the right color of blue in this article called The Guatemalan Flag Should Be This Blue!  Also in this great blog AntiguaDailyPhoto is a free desktop wallpaper of the flag, just thought I’d mention it!  I have just loved scrolling through Rudy Girón’s gorgeous blog!  Incredible photos of my favorite place in the world.

But back to the craft at hand. Supplies:Those are the paint chips.Shade of white, too.A frame.Cutting tools.Cut various sizes and then lay them out.Starting in the middle,  glue the chips down.It’s ok if they hang over the edge of the base paper.The edges can be trimmed after all the chips are glued on.The part I really had fun with was using the paint color names.  Some of them were so perfect for this project!!Then pop the art into the frame!  It was finished in no time at all….ok, maybe about an hour and a half?